Why Regal?


What Makes Regal Different?

We make running your business more efficient and streamlined.

small-restaurantUnlimited. Over 60 years, we’ve built Regal Distributing Company on a foundation of service to our customers. Our goals are simple:

  • Provide the right products and solutions for your needs, now and as your business evolves.
  • Offer expertise and in-depth product knowledge that helps you think about your business in new ways.
  • Offer solutions that help you improve efficiency, reduce costs and maintain quality.
  • Offer flexibility to our customers whether to aid in business growth or to expand your product offerings
  • Provide consistently excellent service, from the first contact.

We’ve been on the leading edge of growth, change and new technologies in your industry, so you can trust us to help build your business like we’ve been doing for 60 years.

Unlimited resources: Because Regal is privately owned and independent, we can access an unlimited range of items from hundreds of suppliers through our buying/co-op groups. We’ll look for the best products at the best prices. And as your business changes, we have the knowledge to find new solutions.

shutterstock_100209473Unlimited innovation: The Regal management team has been proactive in adapting to changing industry and economic conditions.

Streamlining operations and cutting costs: Over the decades, we’ve been constantly evaluating our operations to make acquisition, inventory and delivery more efficient and cost-effective. For example, adding GPS technology to our vehicles improved the efficiency of delivery routes, saving fuel, time and money.

Unlimited service: Our experienced sales and service staff knows your industry as well as your company and can help find products, equipment and delivery options to meet your needs. Their dedication to service ensures a prompt response to your orders, inquiries and issues. We’re available around the clock, every day, to help keep your business running.

Unlimited resources. Unlimited dedication to customer satisfaction. Unlimited commitment to our communities.

Ease of Doing Business

We take care of your products and ordering. So you can focus on running your business.

73773125Unlimited customer service: Whether you’re looking for a reliable provider for your most commonly used supplies or a product that solves a new problem, Regal is your source. Not only do we have the industry knowledge to anticipate your needs, but we’re looking for innovations that can improve the way you serve your customers.

No matter whether you use our online ordering system tailored for your company, submit an email request or call up your sales representative, you’ll get a quick response. We’re invested in providing excellent service, so that you’ll never wonder whether your order was received or if it will arrive on time. If there’s ever a problem with a product or piece of equipment we provide, we’ll take care of it immediately so that you can keep doing business as usual.

Unlimited resources: We search for the right product from hundreds of potential suppliers, both in the U.S. and around the world. We’ll always look for the best quality at the best price. We’ll offer you options for quality and price point to help you make the right choice for your business.

loading-docksCustom items: Our customers often have very specific needs that can’t be met with existing products. Our knowledge of manufacturers allows us to help you develop a custom product and manage its supply depending on your needs.

Regional distribution operations: Regal operates four distribution centers for faster, more efficient delivery. In addition to our primary Logistics Center in Lenexa, KS, we have three regional logistics centers:

  • Southwest Logistics Center in Phoenix, AZ
  • Texas Logistics Center in Midlothian, TX
  • Southeast Logistics Center in Pendergrass, GA

One Stop Shop

All the supplies and equipment you need from one source.

rego-express-showroomOur ability to provide quotes from multiple vendors, source from buying/co-op groups and acquire products in a wide range of categories means that you can deal with just one supplier. Your products may come from dozens of manufacturers, but you can manage purchases through one purchase order. Your purchasing and accounting processes are also more efficient, eliminating the need for staff to manage many vendors. When there are issues with products, such as defects, shortages or discrepancies, Regal deals with the manufacturer so your staff doesn’t have to.

You Can Count On Us

Innovative Solutions

We work with small single-location shops and large multi-location businesses, so we have developed innovative processes to serve your needs.

Continuous improvement

We always work to improve our processes, our product selection and our services. Tell us what we can help you with.

Logistics Solutions

National coverage combined with multiple product sources provides you affordable solutions.


We work with hundreds of suppliers across the country, so you know you are always getting the best value.


You can count on us to do what we say, when we say it will be done.


The latest technologies make your product ordering and logistics more efficient than ever.