Regal can fulfill your supply needs, but that’s just the beginning.

Regal Distributing Company has always provided our customers the flexibility and service they need so they can focus on growing their business. Not only do we source through multiple vendors to ensure the best pricing, we also go above and beyond with other services.

Delivery Flexibility

Regal’s delivery options fit the way you manage your inventory.

Regal maintains stock of your critical supplies and equipment, so you don’t have to. This offers you contingency planning, so that you’ll never be left waiting for a key product to arrive. Operations will continue as normal.

We offer drop ship to your locations and/or third-party warehouses for you as well.

Nationwide Coverage

Our four logistics centers provide faster, more efficient delivery and redundancy in the unlikely event of a disaster.
Regal has four distribution centers that allow us to be more responsive to your changing needs, including rush orders. Should your company ever experience an emergency situation, we can ship supplies from any of our regional logistics centers to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Repair & Maintenance

We’ll keep your business running, even when things break down.

When you’re running a busy operation, your equipment wears out and breaks down. No problem. You can send it back to us for repair, maintenance or refurbishment to save yourself capital expenditures for brand-new equipment.

Continuous Improvement

The Regal team continuously reviews our delivery and distribution.

That way, we can identify new needs, correct issues and increase efficiency for your receiving and distribution processes. For example, Regal initiatives, such as our pallet exchange service, help reduce waste and costs.